Godrevy from sea

Godrevy lighthouse, ever present on the horizon from St Ives.

JC skies

Lots of people comment on my shots which feature vapour trails — looking like a kiss in the sky.

Foxholes Man's Head

One of my favourite images, shot from my boat. It was taken at the spot known locally as Foxholes, under Man’s Head, Porthmeor Beach. Just look at the beautiful aquamarine water we are lucky enough to have as our seas here. I call this Clear Water at Foxholes, Porthmeor.

Pedn Olva

I took this image from my boat, right under the Pedn Olva and Porthminster Beach, with its stunning clear water and beautiful golden sands. It was shot in the summer with perfect light. I call this Pedn Olva Images from the Sea 1.

Island Kayak

This image was shot right under The Island, again on a beautiful summer day. I noticed a sea kayak coming around and exploring close in, which made this image definitely more interesting. I call this one The Tars 1, Images from the Sea.

Porthminster from the sea

An image of Porthminster Beach looking in from the sea, with its beautiful, crystal clear, aquamarine waters.